What is Dialogos?  It is an application-based software tool used for in-person dial testing.  In today’s market, there is a need for a dial test tool that uses current technology, is extremely easy to set up in real-time for groups up to 250, and provides virtually instantaneous group feedback to anyone anywhere who has an Internet connection.

Where did we come up with the name Dialogos?  Market researchers have used dial testing for years.  Traditionally, the “dial” has been a physical tool.  Dialogos gives users the option of using either the dial we have interfaced with our software or the slider on an Android tablet or phone.  But we can’t forget “logos,” which is equally important in our name.  The Greek philosopher Aristotle divided the means of persuasion into three categories: ethos, pathos, and logos.  “Logos” refers to the consistency and the logic of a message.  With Dialogos, you are “dialing” to gain the “logos” of your message’s appeal to the audience.

What else is important to know about DialogosAs mentioned earlier, our software is application-based.  We have server software that can be loaded on Windows devices and client software that works with any Android device.  Better yet, we have integrated VLC, a powerful video player, into our application.  This allows you to easily upload videos to the tool – on your own, without needing any tech support.  Just load your video, bring in your audience, and start testing.

How do I ask questions and get demographic information on my audience?  You can add this data two different ways.  If you have information on your audience prior to your session, simply add this data to an Excel file and upload it.  The tool allows you to have all of the questions and data pre-populated – or, you can request information and add questions during your session and get your answers right away.

What about the results of my group session?  With Dialogos, as soon as you are done with your session, you can share your results with as many people as you would like via our secure Dialogos Cloud.  No waiting, no formatting – just log in to the secure portal at any time and share.

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