Network Requirements  

Can I run Dialogos on my private network?

  • Yes, you can. However, we recommend you use the router included with your system, as it has been designed to work with the tablets and dials provided.  This router allows you to connect seamlessly on a secure wireless channel.  If you would like Internet access to securely upload your test results to our secure online portal, you can access it via the router.  Please review the setup instructions.

Do I need power to utilize your router?

  • Yes, the Dialogos-provided router does require a power connection to enable the wireless channel.

Server and Client Software Requirements

What are the requirements for installing the Dialogos server software?

  • The Dialogos server software requires a Windows-based computer at this time. Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10 are supported.

What is required to install and run the Dialogos client application?

  • The Dialogos client application can be installed onto any Android device; however, if traditional metal dials are being used, the devices will need to be purchased and prepared by Dialogos.

If I am using my mobile phone for testing, can the session be interrupted by a phone call or text message?

  • If you are using the Dialogos application on an active cell phone, please keep in mind that a phone call could come in during your testing. While this will not interrupt the session if the user declines the call, it would affect the test if he or she leaves the application and accepts the call. It is highly recommended that active phones be put into airplane mode, then connected to the Dialogos Wi-Fi network before the test begins, in order to ensure a distraction-free test.

Media / Information Types to Test

Are there limits to the type of video/audio that can be tested?

  • Dialogos can upload any video file in MP4 format.

Is there a limit to the size of the file that can be uploaded?

  • The Dialogos online portal has a maximum video upload size limit of 1GB.

Can Dialogos upload group demographics and pre-planned questions to the tool before the session begins?

  • Yes, Dialogos allows the user to pre-populate an Excel file and upload it prior to the session.

Can the user/moderator add questions during the test session?

  • Yes, the user/moderator can add a variety of question types during the session. There are no limits to the number of questions that can be asked.

Can I add the media I want to test to Dialogos, or do I have to rely on First Rule® to upload the media?

  • The user/moderator has access to all of the media to be tested and simply uploads it to the Dialogos tool prior to the session.

Access to Reporting and Analysis

Can I share the results of the test session?

  • Dialogos allows the user to immediately share the results of the session with any user via a secure web portal.