About Dialogos

First Rule® (a Pelopidas, LLC business) is a forward-thinking media and technology company.  We realized that the in-person group test tools on the market today are not designed with current technology in mind.  As we have always done when meeting our clients’ needs, we researched the market for a better solution. When we saw that a solution was not readily available, we created it with the help of our highly skilled engineering team.  We have now added Dialogos to our tool kit.

Where did we come up with the name Dialogos?  Market researchers have used dial testing for years.  Traditionally, the “dial” has been a physical tool.  Dialogos gives users the option of using either the software-interfaced dial or the slider on an Android tablet or phone.  But we can’t forget “logos,” which is equally important in our name.  The Greek philosopher Aristotle divided the means of persuasion into three categories: ethos, pathos, and logos.  “Logos” refers to the consistency and the logic of a message.  With Dialogos, you are “dialing” to gain the “logos” of your message’s appeal to the audience.

Here at First Rule®, we are confident you will find Dialogos an easy-to-use yet sophisticated tool that can provide you with virtually instant feedback during your in-person group engagements.  Utilizing Dialogos, we can now set up these group tests quickly and receive virtually instantaneous feedback, which can be shared with anyone with an Internet connection via our secure online portal.

All of our clients have a message to communicate and a story to share.  We continually craft new messages – often in real-time, within our broadcast and radio divisions, and other times through film and curated news.  With Dialogos, we can now add real-time group feedback and insights, ensuring your filmed, recorded, and spoken messages are timely and relevant.

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